About Me

Museum Professional, ESL/Art Teacher and Artist; Oils and acrylic; Landscapes and portraiture. A Fine Artist who studied at Southampton and with an MA from Leicester in Museum Studies. A Welsh artist, specialising in portraiture, figurative and landscape compositions who has worked in varied museums nationally. My work looks to convey a sense of language with brushstroke, inherent with each mark made a sense of identity and comment.

My work looks towards my home, using the sea, shorelines, differing environments as reference, my landscapes look at the transience of time, memory, continual change in landscape as analogy of a constantly evolving environment, our sense of place and identity. The paint, the process, acts as a metaphor creating transient marks on the canvas, a history of layers that create the finished composition. There is no distinct vision of what the work may be, my work is a personal response, a language, process led, the aesthetic piece is one that has been created over time.